Straight College Men – 6th Anniversary Day 2

When I was a kid, we had an RV and my parents drove to the amusement parks in Orlando almost once a year every year. I was usually asleep when they would start driving in the morning, and I passed the time later playing games in the back as the camper drove down the road. I knew what an RV trip entailed from first-hand albeit perception, and so I knew with the enormous RV we rented for the 6th Anniversary Shoot, it would be pretty fun.

I also knew that an RV has to go somewhere. Being 99.9% certain that we couldn’t get filming clearance from any of the amusement parks in Florida, and not having enough time to get there and get back before school began again on Tuesday anyway, I thought it might be interesting to continue the trip on a different sort of closed quarters moving vehicle, a houseboat. The water itself would be the destination.

But, as best as I remembered, I’d never been on a houseboat and I’d certainly never slept on one. I’d wanted to rent one before, but the cost always seemed too much. When I’d checked, the nightly fee was around $500 and there consistently seemed to be a one week minimum. $3500 for an experience which could very well suck didn’t sound like a good deal to me, so it just never happened.

Yet when it comes to shooting a video for SCM, the logic of cost takes a different turn than what I’d do if I was just by myself. A couple thousand dollars for a location is feasible; it’s just part of the process. And so, with most of the guys and I on a houseboat for the very first time, the 6th Anniversary Day Two begins on the open water.

"Alright, go," Rhett told me as I held the camera in the direction of the three guys on the bow of the ship.
"Oh, thanks for the cue," I laughed back at his permission for me to do my job.

I then went on to point out what had happened to Nathan just before the camera began; "I realized your shirt has the, uh, had your high school on it right before you, we started the camera."

Of course, I could’ve had him just change the shirt, but I thought it was cool that it was one more piece of evidence to quell the naysayers that Rhett and he really are in high school.

"So, yeah, turn around so we can see like it’s got your year and it says ‘SENIORS’ down here, so anyway, we had to use some ‘magic’ black tape to cover up the actual school."

I continued talking about the fact that we were on a houseboat and how the scenery was so incredibly different than Las Vegas.

"So what are you guys thinking since like, I mean, obviously, you probably didn’t expect this when you guys showed up… but no, it’s okay? You’re having an okay time?"
"It’s good," Rhett replied.
"It’s been an adventure," Kevin added.
"Lots of man sex and stuff?"
"Man sex… and stuff," Rhett repeated and nodded his head.
"That’s what I like," Kevin joked.
"Ok, well, you guys are doing really well. I’m impressed."

I then had the guys do a quick tour of the boat, revealing along the way Ashton using his Navy skills to captain the vessel then showing off the galley and the very small bedrooms.

When we got to the top deck, Morris informed us that he was going to jump off the large rock cliff in the distance. I told him that that wasn’t going to happen as he’d be lifeless, and the guys responded that they’d jump off the boat: that was far more feasible to me.
The guys, of course, wanted to jump off the boat nude, right then, but we were in certain eyesight of others. "Do you not, guys, see those other people like nearby?"

"Nearby? You mean those people right there?" Rhett asked.

"I can’t see them so they can’t see us," Kevin reasoned.

"Oh yeah, that’s the way it works. It’s sort of like peekaboo when you cover your eyes, like a little kid, nobody can see you if you cover your eyes."

I then went on to ask Morris and Cole their thoughts about the trip as well.

"So I asked them like so what do you guys think of your, uh, anniversary trip so far?"

"It’s pretty bad ass," Morris declared.
"It’s pretty sweet," Cole replied.

Indeed, the consensus seemed to be that even though the guys had to do some "not so straight things"™, the adventure still brought with it a bunch of cool things that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

"Let’s all just strip down and jump nude," Rhett again tried to get into the water.

"No, okay, not just yet. Maybe in a little bit strip down and jump nude, but not right this second, ok."


A few minutes later, we found an alcove that was both secluded and picturesque, which also contained a cliff suitable for jumping.

The guys, however, had a very hard time waiting for the boat to be in a place before they could get in the water.

"Wait ’til the boat stops going," I told them.
"Yeah, right… that’s the best time to jump off ’cause the boat’s moving," Kevin replied.
"Flip a bitch and pick us up," he then told Ashton as he headed towards the stern.

Apparently, though, there were rocks making the water quite shallow right then, and the boat quickly reversed engines before they could jump off.

"Get rid of your shorts," I told Kevin as he prepared to make the jump off the now stopped boat.
He pulled them off then made a running jump off the back lower deck, leaping into the frigid water.

"Let me back on," he screamed. "It’s so fucking cold!"
"I have no weiner right now."

"It’s so cold. It’s so cold," he repeated after he got back on board.

For the next few minutes, the guys debated whether they were going to jump into the cold water and from which cliff they would jump off, and I, of course, worried they would get hurt. I wanted something reasonable in height for the jump but the guys wanted to push their limits.

"You guys are insane," I said as I focused on the cliff from which they said they would jump.

Kevin added, "That’s pretty high."

Then after a few seconds reflection, he volunteered his buddy to test the waters, so to speak: "Hey Morris, you’re going first."

I was still reticent about the height of the cliff but I thought it was acceptable as the guys had far more experience cliff jumping than I did. If they were going to do it, though, they had to do it naked.

And so, completely starkers, four of them are at the back of the boat ready to jump in…

And at that point, well, you’ll just have to watch the video.
Of course, there’s nearly an hour to go.

And there’s still the quad on the line. I mean, jumping naked off a cliff is fun and all, but it definitely takes something a little more to get a $10,000 quad.

Perhaps something like a heterosexual virgin sucking a dick before kissing another guy…

Perhaps a straight 18 year old bad ass swallowing cum and not even flinching…

Perhaps a straight high school senior and his multiple man load swallowing…

Perhaps you’ll just have to watch and see…

Think you know what straight men teenagers won’t do? Think again.™

Damn. I love my 5 naked straight guys in a six foot houseboat bedroom job!

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Duration: 1:09:13
Video: 512×288, AVC (H.264), 1947kbps
Audio: 81kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

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