STR8Hell – Steve Peryoux – Hot Ass

Studio: Str8hell.com

Steve Peryoux is such a hot man. In this Hot Ass shoot he is quickly rid of his tee-shirt and flaunting a fantastic, slim, body. His muscle meaning is excellent undoubtedly. Opening his denims he takes out his rock tough dick, and after that gets completely naked. That huge dick is so hard, and Steve grabs hold to wank it. Steve kneels on the couch as he has fun with his dick and after that reverses to display his ass. Spread out the cheeks he exposes a tight pucker hole, which he teases with a finger. Quickly a finger is deep inside that hot hole, operating in and out. Utilizing a rope Steve pulls his dick back in between his legs, as we take pleasure in that hothole Then an assisting hand shows up and is quickly finger that hole genuine great. 2 fingers infiltrate the hole, opening it up well. Then a great, thick, dildo appears and gets pressed through the tight sphincter. It fucks in and out of Steve’s ass, extending the hole broad. The dildo cums out, so we can take a look at the hole, prior to relapsing within once again. Steve actually understands how to take it. He turns onto his back, and feels the dildo fucking him great and deep. As the dildo comes out Steve opens his hole up well. Then it returns in once again. That ass gets worked till the hole actually remains open when the dildo comes out. Then as the dildo fucks him set Steve wanks himself to a great huge orgasm shot.

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