STR8Hell – Ondra, Mate and Danek RAW – Airoport Security

Studio: Str8hell.com

In this terrific brand-new Airport Security scene we have 3 fantastic people, guard Danek Gyor and Ondra Radni with their detainee Mate More. We discover Danek as he is pressing Mate into a cell and starting an evaluation of his baggage. Danek is signed up with by Ondra who right away pulls Danek out of the cell and starts to pat him down. Not pleased he pulls Mate’s tee t-shirt off. Danek opens Mate’s denims and presses them down. Quickly his is taking Mate’s shorts down too and crouching to have a look at his dick as Ondra limits the detainee. They turn Mate around and start to inspect his ass too, spreading out the cheeks at the same time. The inpection gets intriguing as Mate is turned once again and Danek starts to draw on his dick. That dick quickly reacts, getting great and difficult. They press Mate down on his haunches as both Danek and Ondra take out their own stiff dicks. Mate is made to draw each dick, taking turns on them. As they are drawn Ondra and Danek kiss each other. Mate is turned once again and this time Danek begins to finger his hole. His finger is rapidly changed by his huge, stiff dick as he fucks Mate, who likewise needs to draw on Ondra’s dick. Ondra wishes to fuck too and Mate has his upper hands on the shoulder, for simple gain access to, as he keeps Danek for assistance. Ondra actually works that tight hole, entering great and deep. Mate groans all the while and is quickly on his knees taking Danek’s cock once again. Then it is Ondra’s turn once again and he fucks that hot ass, taking out in the nick of time to discard his hot orgasm all over it. He draws on Danek’s dick too and is rewarded with another huge load, all over his chest. Mate gets his own dick, which is still rock difficult and wanks it to a climax, shooting his cream over the flooring. He is then pushed by in his cage and secured as our hot guards take their leave.

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