STR8Hell – Jiri Svach – Hot Ass

Studio: Str8hell.com

Jiri Svach is a really hot person. We brought him in for a Hot Ass scene. He looks so great as he removes off, revealing his hot body. Standing, naked, prior to us Jiri wanks his dick, getting it great and tough. He sits, and lays back, on the couch, wanking on his tough dick. Then he brings his upper hands and exposes his hot ass fracture. Licking a finger he moves it into his tight ass. He alters hands, and fingers as he raises his feet in the air and truly works hishole Getting his ass cheeks Jiri pulls them apart to display that hole, pushing a finger right back within. An assisting hand shows up, dildo in hand, and begins having fun with that hot ass. The dildo slides right on within, fucking in and out. With the hole well exercised it is time for a bigger dildo and it presses directly into the excited hole, with Jiri enjoying it. He reaches down, rubbing himself as the dildo fucks him great and deep. The dildo comes out so that we can take a look at the hole up close. Jiri then opens the hole up utilizing both hands to pull it open. He then turns over, onto his knees, with his heavy balls hanging low. The dildo relapses into the hot hole, and fucks it some more. It enters so quickly and after that returns out, with Jiri pulling on the ass to open the hole up. Then the hand keep the dildo as Jiri sits his ass down on it and trips it great and tough. Then Jiri rests on the couch, legs apart so he can still get fucked, and wanks on his dick up until it takes off with his hot, velvety orgasm.

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