STR8Hell – Filip and Ivan – Spanking

Studio: Str8hell.com

Ivan Mraz is a stringent disciplinarian, and he rapidly takes control of Filip Cerny, as he makes him workout. With a walking cane in hand Ivan makes Filip do push-ups, and after that more workouts. He whacks Filip’s ass with the walking stick as he works out, and after that has him stand, and drop his shorts. Ivan checks him and turns him around, utilizing the walking stick on Filip’s attractive ass. Filip flexes over and Ivan canes him some more. Then Filip needs to do some squats, with Ivan continuing to flick at his ass with the walking stick. The working out continues till Ivan spanks the ass with his hand also, and checks Filips hole. Then he makes him do some sit-ups. Ivan then stands Filip once again and makes him flex over, so that his ass can get spanked. He likewise needs to put down, with his upper hands, so that Ivan can finger his tight hole, as he continues spanking. Then Ivan pushes a dildo into Filip’s tight hole, extending it well. As his last penalty Filip is made to stand and wank himself to an extremely good cumshot.

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