Skybo – Denny & Lukas

Denny is full of energy and is eager to challenge anybody. When being at home, his girlfriend was not around unfortunately. Frustrated and angry he knocks on the door or Niklas. He wants to use the punching bag to calm down. But instead of Niklas, Lukas is there. Lukas lives in the neibourhood, he always aims to be close to cute and muscled boys. Denny knows this as well, and he has a plan. He will show the boy his awesome body and will flex a bit in front of Lukas. Denny watched Lukas hitting the punching bag, at least kind of. After a while he wants to teach the boy how this works. There are some real hits to the punching bag now, and Denny lands some hits as well at Denny abs. The plan works, Lukas is trying to fight back and wants to have a fight. Denny is exited to have found a victim, which tries to fight back but without any chance for success. He applies nasty scissors on and on, keeps them for a bit until he has taken the decision whether he the boy gets another chance. Lukas likes to be close to muscled guys, but is this what he had in mind for getting so close? He really gives it all not to submit to Denny and getting totally overpowered by the musle hunk. But Denny just loves that. The boy has no chance whatsoever. His moaning and groaning is motivating Denny to torture his toy even more.

Format: mp4
Duration: 44:54
Video: 640×480, MP4V, 1611kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 580.1 MB

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