Sharpshooter Studios – Greek Games (1996)

With the bodies of Greek gods, 9 incredible professional athletes complete in 6 tough contests that honor the centuries-old heritage of naked fight. Utilizing just the power of their naked bodies, those sculpted boys toss javelins and discus, challenge the low bar and trap their bare victim with springs and pins like gladiators. Their pumped-up bodies battle and pressure versus each other in the total body contact of 8 severe battling matches. And in between events, these graceful sportspersons display their completely shaped naked bodies in in-depth close-ups. Let the video games start!

Format: avi
Period: 1: 26: 56
Video: 640 x480, XviD, 1954 kbps
Audio: 125 kbps

Submit size: 1.3 GB

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