Max Hilton – Max’s Hideaway

Studio: MuscleHunks

LMS Muscle Leatherman (and periodic club dancer) Max Hilton might look difficult – and, in truth, he is – so be recommended. However Max is not without his tricks. Just recently he admitted to us that he likes to go on the prowl well outside the health club and the leather club environment to delight in muscle play in a deserted cottage he discovered in the South Florida sticks. We asked to come with him a long time, and lastly he gruffly permitted that we might enjoy … as long as we kept our range. So we were at the all set with our video cameras one afternoon as Max stealthily broke in to the old, storm-devastated home to do his thing. His muscle play did not dissatisfy, and even better, Max has actually permitted you to enjoy. And play along.

Format: mp4
Period: 19: 35
Video: 960 x540, AVC (H.264), 1315 kbps
Audio: 88 kbps

Submit size: 202.1 MB

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