Link 2 Link

Release Year: 1999
Categories: All Worlds Video

As Link was All Worlds most lucrative motion picture of 1998, it’s no shock that there should be a follow up. Shot on place in San Francisco’s notorious sexual intercourse subscription Blow Buddies, Link 2 Link alternatives 24 blue-ribbon sexpigs in 6 scenes of outrageous hedonism. Director Chi Chi LaRue’s creative and prescient of this bursting netherworld is understood time and once again by videographer Bruce Webcam, nevertheless by no ways additional so than within the haunting opening as 3 prolonged phallic flashlights slice by method of the shadowy boundaries of a seething backroom. There, Tom Katt, Zachery Scott and Christian Knight take turns demeaning Jared Wright, Trenton Comeaux and a pressing beginner Billy Dare. The movement includes drawing, fucking, rimming and spanking; and everyone comes at the least as quickly as. Within the 2nd series, Peter Wilder handles 3 black males (Tyson Walking cane, Mitchell Stack, and Okay J Rogers) in and round a made-to-order prison cell. Wilder’s virtuoso effectiveness as he draws, drools, and consumes ass is as wicked as any he has however put to motion picture since the trio take turns ravishing him to a collection of powerful money photographs.The 3rd skirmish adheres practically totally to assplay in and round a sling. This program of anal balancings is pressed by Cole Tucker and Jake Steele, who appear totally consumed of their hard and topple ravishing of Corey Jay and Jared Wright. Rimming and ass-eating are embraced by vicious cram-fucking and the insertion of ever-larger dildos, heavy chains, and anal balls the scale of oranges. The strangest vignette in the entire procedures alternatives Mason Jarr, Paul Carrigan, amd Mitch Sander. These 3 barechested males in tight denims stand stable, and every pisses his trousers for the digital video camera informed on them. Seeing the darkish damp areas unfold over the light jeans is a strangely exciting know-how, and the following jackoff is powerful things too! The 5th episode, focusing on beer enemas and fucking, alternatives J T Sloan, Jacob Scott, and Daryl Brock in topman functions, and Kyle McKenna, Mitch Sander, Radical Reynolds, and Corey Jay since the eager receptacles. They spit and spray throughout one another within the messiest scene of today, and all ship remarkably powerful money photographs.After practically 2 hours of unrelenting raunch, a great deal of the strong put together for a no-holds-barred ending that’s highlighted by the deflowering of long lasting topman, Daryl Brock. It’s relatively a sight, for he’s as requiring a behind as he’s a prime. The penetrator of option is the flexible Jake Andrews, and his topman turn is all of the additional incredible when he quickly follows the stint by bottoming in a marvelous squat fuck for Jared Wright. Do not rely on a smidgen of love in Link 2 Link, nevertheless in case you are looking for to view another individual act out dirty dreams that you most likely is not going to attempt to do your self, then this dvd is for you! Created: Billy Dare, Corey Jay, Frank Parker, Jared Wright, Mason Jarr, Tom Katt, Daryl Brock, Jack Steele, Cole Tucker, Christian Knight, Jake Andrews, Trenton Comeaux, Kyle McKenna, Jacob Scott, Tyson Walking Cane, Peter Wilder, Zachery Scott, Paul Carrigan, Alex Stone, Radical Reynolds, J.T. Sloan, Mitchell Stack, Okay.J. Rogers, Mitch Sander

Format: avi
Length: 2: 05: 34
Video: 352 x240, DivX 5, 762 kbps
Audio: 125 kbps

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