Laguna Pacific– Malibu Days: Big Bear Nights (1982)

Release 12 months: 1982
Strong: Adam Stewart, Alan Howell, Brad Scott, Corey James, Davin McNeil, Giorgio Canali, J.W. King, Jamie Wingo, Joel Allen, Kevin Carey, Kurt Franklin, Mark Scott Solo, Mickey O’Toole, Nick Rodgers, Peter Geary, Shawn Michaels
Categories: Jocks, Pre-Condom, Oral, Anal

“” Director William Higgins brings you latest thing California know-how: Malibu Days (at first described as Malibu Days/Huge Bear Nights upon it is theatrical launch). There are 2 interconnected story-lines, the seaside vs. the mountains, and each are hopping! A massive created, headlined by J.W King and Giorgio Canali, made this fuck-fest an audiences preferred.

The development of a stag flick within the closet of their leased ski cabin will get 4 school pals so labored up they overlook everything about snowboarding. As quickly as they have actually seen them doing every thing within the ebook, the 4 school pals turn their attentions towards one another, ending in four-way movement that by no ways ends!””

Format: mp4
Length: 1: 48: 39
Video: 640 x480, AVC (H.264), 749 kbps
Audio: 122 kbps

Submit measurement: 696.1 MB

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