Jet Set Productions – Carnal Haze (2004)

Though the opposite males in “” Carnal Haze”” are in addition great, my favourite is Eric Rio. Blessed with darkish appeal, a perfect body, and a real great feature of a dick, Eric is a knockout. And the element that systems his performance aside is that his pleasure and desire are higher than obvious within the 2 scenes by which he carries out.
Within the very first, an outdoors romp with energy behind Anthony Shaw, from the 2nd Eric appears, attired entirely in pants and tennis shoes, his laid out abs, rock-hard arms, and bulging pecs shining within the solar, I might not tear my eyes far from the display screen. The plotline is that this: a fraternity, Carnal House, annual hazes the studs who want to be members. On this fraternity, sexual acts are needed for admission, and the promises are eager to supply it as much as get in. Anthony and Eric get hectic at a huge outdoors water fountain in entryway of the house. Eric gets Anthony, and from that 2nd on, takes total management of his body, using it in any approach he selects to get his kicks, from spanking Anthony’s white, velvety ass, to pushing his cocks down Anthony’s extremely eager throat, to finger-fucking Anthony’s ass in an extended session by which he works Anthony right into a fevered pitch. Having actually tested Eric’s dick in his mouth, and recognizing its size and girth, Anthony appears favorably grateful to get it in his starving ass, and he can not assist groaning an “” Oh my God!”” as Eric thrusts into him from behind. It is relatively obvious that Anthony is not appearing– it shows that he merely enjoys being stuffed up with that substantial man-dick of Eric’s, and Eric, too, merely as obvious delights in the silky within Anthony’s ass. Anthony has the excellent ability of having the capability to have a variety of orgasms, and right here he shows it off to his biggest advantage, blowing his load not less than thrice whereas utilizing on Eric’s pole, and leaving it and reinserting it as he feels the requirement. Eric supplies to the scene by nipping and licking Anthony’s shoulder like a reproducing stud as Anthony rests on his dick. Eric then stands and, overlooking Anthony, brings himself to a huge, gushing cum-shot that lands throughout Anthony’s prone body. The digital cam angle, which appears up at Eric as he shoots, entirely shows off his muscular legs and lovely penis.
And, shock, shock, it appears that Anthony is not even a promise– he and Eric merely get a kick out of fucking one another. The subsequent 2 promises to reach at Carnal House are cutie-pie Jason Ridge and high, lean and well-hung Mark Blake. Their task, offered to them by Eric and Anthony, is to draw one another’s penis– nevertheless they do a total lot additional than merely that, after all. In contrast to a great deal of the men within the created, Jason and Mark may actually move for frat studs with their vibrant faces and coltish our bodies. Jason will get on his knees and brings Mark to a roaring hardon, after which Mark returns the favor, whereas Jason modifies his individual nipples. Jason flexes over for an extended, tiresome fucking subsequent, with the digital cam underneath, recording close-ups of the penetration. Then Jason will come down on the lawn and Mark fucks him missionary, whereas at the same time jerking Jason’s dick in tandem together with his thrusts and leaning over to kiss Jason’s luscious lips. The 2 studs sit side-by-side for his/her cum-shots, and Jason shoots initially, embraced by a geyser from Mark, the jets of which fly up and splat on his tidy, tanned pecs and even land as extreme as his neck and shoulders.
2 three-ways round concerns out. The main of those brings once again Eric, who carries out with Justin Wells and Johnny Cage. Johnny carries out the complete behind for studs Eric and Justin, and whereas Johnny attempts to get each studs’ penis in his mouth, Eric and Justin do some very popular kissing above. Then Johnny does the sex- pig-on-a-spit act, getting fucked from behind by Justin as he draws on Eric’s penis. Various good close-ups present Johnny’s pink, tender space, each when he will get fucked or as he is being fucked– it is an in fact lovely pucker. Subsequent, Johnny spreads his legs and space broad for Eric’s thick meat whereas Justin rests on Johnny’s face. An incredible digital cam shot shows Eric ogling the movement, his millions-watt smile brightening the display screen as he fucks Johnny. Then the studs swap again and Justin fucks Johnny missionary. Eventually, each Justin and Eric dominate Johnny and shoot their hundreds throughout his body– they invite him to the frat, after which remove upstairs, bare.
The 2nd three-way brings once again Anthony, who this time will get to haze 2 scorching Latin studs, Lorenzo Vargas and Dollar McCall. Lorenzo and Dollar are wishing to do no matter it requires to please Anthony and accomplish admission, which initially involves gradually getting undressed for him after which blowing one another as he enjoys. Then Anthony makes the 2 studs display their bubble-butts, whereas he informs them to make it scorching– therefore they do, wiggling their butts and showing off their penis as Anthony sits and will get tiresome. Considering that Anthony is within the motorist’s seat, and he’s in addition a starved behind, he takes advantage of the situation and rims each studs, then they take turns fucking Anthony’s scorching ass whereas he draws the opposite. Anthony will get drawn by Lorenzo whereas Bucks thrusts into him from behind, after which he cums (entirely two times this time) whereas his ass stays to be being raked by Dollar. Dollar shoots, his orgasm goal on Anthony’s chest, embraced by Lorenzo, who uses Anthony an enjoyable facial to complete the scene.
Lorenzo and Dollar make their complete frat standing, specific, nevertheless for some function, all I can consider is: when is Eric Rio going to make one other video?!
DVD alternatives: Chapter index; cum-shot chapter; gallery; and trailers.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1: 55: 30
Video: 720 x544, AVC (H.264), 2020 kbps
Audio: 124 kbps

Submit measurement: 1. 8 GB

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