I Saw It In Your Eyes

Year: 2003
Classification: Anal/ Foreplay, Group Sex, Twinks
Length: 123 minutes.

Description: I Saw It In Your Eyes is a two-dvd special from Triune. It’s the millenium, and Russian Ray Renfro is walking the streets of Prague when a potted plant knocks him (and his memory) out. He is conserved by nobleman Gerry O’Connel, and the workers and misfits around O’Connel’s estate provide the satisfying for 8 scenes. Some fantastic locations, attire and props really add to the design of this function, and these Europeans really comprehend how to keep a hard-on. These scenes also delight in cum-eating, with most of the money shots landing on faces and in mouths. The opening threesome is highlighted by the piece of Miki Sem, who takes control of fellow rascals Tommy Gent and Martin Eaten.

Send size: 1.2 GB

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