Falcon Anthology Series – The Finest Of Chad Douglas

See what makes Chad Douglas a genuine Falcon Legend in The Better of Chad Douglas. 8 blistering sizzling, full-length scenes from a few of Falcon’s most significant titles of perpetuity make this variety an ought to individual.

Scene One from Spring Break That consists of Chad Douglas and Cory Monroe

Cory Monroe gets a journey and a lesson in man-on-man sexual intercourse from enormous senior citizen Chad Douglas. Hirsute Chad rams his enormous dick out and in of Cory’s splayed asshole, choosing him up and fucking him in midair. This aggressive deep permeating, made-fucking scene makes this movie among lots of additional standard and memorably Falcon Studios alternatives.

Scene 2 from Big Splash Pictures II That consists of Chad Douglas, Jeff Quinn and Lance

Lance and Jeff Quinn are out for a run. They stop over at Chad Douglas’ location because he has a swimming pool they normally want to cool down. Chad has loads of dick for each of them they normally make great usage of his swimming pool.

Scene 3 from In Your Wildest Objectives That consists of Kevin Williams and Chad Douglas

Kevin Williams has actually utilized Chad Douglas as his at home workout coach. Kevin does merely as he’s encouraged for that beast dick that Chad has for him. He will get to draw Chad’s dick whereas he’s on the rowing maker. Then he’s bent over his bicep press to take all of Chad up his ass.

Scene 4 from Big Splash Pictures II That consists of Chad Douglas and Leigh Erickson

Chad Douglas is over at Leigh Erickson’s swimming pool to utilize the weights that he maintains poolside. After the workout Chad lets Leigh understand that he’s gotten ready for his enormous muscle to get labored on. Leigh is more than happy to require.

Scene 5 from Spring Break That consists of Chad Douglas, Cory Monroe and Chris Burns

Dragged by his senior citizen Chad Douglas into an individual den of iniquity, newbie Cory Monroe is introduced to the impudence and violence one guy can cause on another. Nevertheless is it in fact harsh or violent when submissive (and lucky) Chris Burns voluntarily gives up to the savagery that super-hot leather-based grasp Cole Carpenter unfurls? It sizzles … it stings … it is sizzling … it is kinky … and young boy does it practical!

Scene 6 from Big Splash Pictures II That consists of Jim Bentley and Chad Douglas

Chad Douglas stays at Jim Bentley’s and takes an instant taste to the little ass that Jamie Landon has. Chad squanders no time at all in extending Jamie’s space together with his beast dick.

Scene 7 from Manrammer: A Fight of Measurement That consists of Chad Douglas and Brad Mitchell

Storage mechanic Brad Mitchell’s orifices are raked approximately by big-dicked, bushy Chad Douglas in Rex’s pick-up truck. They energy fuck great and strenuous making this one of lots of additional favored fucking scenes within the movie.

Scene 8 from Spokes II: The Start That consists of Chad Douglas, Race Jensen, Jack Lofton, Jim Bentley, Sean Lawrence, Tony Marinos, Eric Manchester, Chris Williams and Casey Jordan

Chad Douglas stands earlier than a lattice whereas a simple and starving Jack Lofton kneels earlier than Chad – deepthroating his dick whereas Ryan Stone jacks his dick and takes pleasure in the view. Ripped musclestud Race Jensen drops to his knees earlier than Ryan, drawing his dick deep and strenuous whereas Ryan Stone takes pleasure in Race’s strenuous type. Rapidly Chad has his dick buried deep in Jack’s ass … fucking him strenuous as Jack tongues Race’s tight space. Impressed by desire, the kids alter buddies and positions … something to get additional strenuous dick into a great grip. Chad Pumps Race strenuous from behind as Jack savors the design of Ryan’s dick deep in his throat. Additional males combine into the scene. Race knocks leatherboy Sean Lawrence’s ass and Eric Manchester displays up for an outstanding suck and fuck … and ever-hungry Jack Lofton is getting ready to take it. Chad and Race jerk off over a mirrored desk and Tony Marinos joins them … a trio of sizzling attractive males working their dicks and draining their thick hundreds one after the other. Dildos come out and the kids lose themselves within the desire for a fats dick and a complete fill. Jim Bentley, Chris Williams and Casey Jordan last but not least show up since the orgy is deep in session. Jack informs them to strip and take a seat … the kids reveal their oral proficiency by taking control of the subscription members earlier than surrendering their evaluate to Chad, Tony and Eric’s dicks. One after the other the kids discharge over Chris and the space resounds with their gasps and groans of fulfillment.

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