Escape To Echo Beach

Video language: English

The movie begins with marine Mike Radcliffe doing pushups that his drill sergeant Mark Sargent has him doing for not following orders. That only leaves Mike with 32 hours left on his weekend pass. After Mike hears that his sergeant is heading to Echo Beach, he decides to get even with him. Mike decides to hitchhike to Echo Beach.

He gets picked up by Tuck Johnson. Tuck helps Mike plans a scheme against sergeant Mark. Mark Sargent arrives at his buddy, Eduardo’s place. He pulls down Eduardo’s pants and the two of them swap blowjobs. Eduardo sucks on Mark’s fat cock until he is ready to spread his bubble butt and have Mark’s cock deep inside him. Mark drills Eduardo’s fuck hole to a wet spewing climax.

After Mike and Tuck plan to meet the next morning to get even with the sergeant, Tuck heads back to his hotel room and turns on the TV. A porn movie pop’s up and Tuck watches young jock Phoenix on the screen playing with his hard dick. After Phoenix pumps his hot jock-load, Tuck goes to sleep.

Meanwhile, Mike is cruising the dunes hoping to find some action. It’s not long before he spots Paul Wendt. Paul gets down on his knees and starts sucking on Mike’s cock. Mike shoots his load all over Paul’s face and then starts chewing on the boy’s long cock. Mike begs to have Paul’s cock up his ass and Paul doesn’t make him beg very long.

Mike and Tuck are ready to launch their scheme. Tuck meets sergeant Mark and they both head off to the beach. One thing leads to another, and Tuck has Mark on his knees giving him a blowjob. In the meantime, Mike is taking pictures of the two men having sex. After Tuck blows Mark and shoots his load, his work is done.

In the final scene of the movie, Mike Radcliffe blackmails his sergeant with photos he took and gets 24 more hours of leave. Mike heads off to meet his friends: hairy chested and hard-bodied studs Blake Harper and Jason Branch. Mike sucks their cocks, and then Blake and Jason take turns fucking Mike. Then Mike stretches his hole open wide and take both cocks up his ass at the same. Wow, this marine sure knows how to get drilled.

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