Challenging at Work: Scene 3: Eric Nero & Nick Prescott

Release Year: 2015
Studio: TitanMen.com
Video language: English

Tidying up the pool, Nick Prescott gets sidetracked by garden lover Eric Nero. Nick gets his own bulge and smiles at the high Eric. They head to the bed space, Nick releasing Eric’s monster penis. Nick extremely deep throats the beast, his nose bent and buried in Eric’s pubes. He feed’s a finger to the smiling Eric, then look for at him with his tongue extended. Eric spits in Nick’s mouth, kissing him. Eric whips his penis on Nick’s tongue, a spit stream moving down his shaft and balls as he gets drawn as soon as again. Nick lays back and gets slurped, understanding his balls and feeding them to Eric– who then straddles Nick’s face and fucks it, then rests on Nick’s tongue. Eric smothers Nick’s penis, then gets it doggie style– Nick reaching around to grip the bottom’s penis. Nick consumes him as soon as again, then fucks Eric on his back– expanding the bottom’s legs broad as he goes deep, his abs tight. They shoot, a hot and sticky white stack moving down Eric’s hand to his stomach.

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