CF – ACM0663 – Josh’s Very first time

While the title of this video is “Josh’s Very first time” which is a quite detailed one viewing as it is undoubtedly Josh’s very first time with a man, I might practically get away with the similarly precise and detailed title, “Fight of the Boyishly Lovely”, as these 2 are completely rupturing with that beauty. That title and description would stop to be the least bit precise once the action here has actually started, however, as the action here ends up being a few of the outright most popular and most extreme I have actually ever had the enjoyment of recording on electronic camera.

To state that the demands to see blonde, ripped, young and hung Josh in some guy/guy action has actually been can be found in quite progressively would be a significant understatement. When he appeared in his preliminary solo here at ACM, individuals were right away contacting us to see him do more. When he appeared in his very first action video over on A/C, that influenced much more interest in seeing him take an action even more with a man. When he appeared in his 2nd video over on A/C, I practically needed to go into concealing due to the fact that individuals were specific they ‘d never ever get to see him with a man and they were not delighted about that!

I definitely wasn’t content to have that be the level of things, either, regardless of how hot those videos were. I invested rather a reasonable quantity of time talking with him about providing it a shot and seeing if he ‘d have an interest in attempting it out at all. Whereas at the beginning he was just thinking about women and more than excited to stay with doing scenes with them just, I believe he wound up interested not simply by the cash, however by the possibility of a brand-new and fascinating experience itself.

Well, here he is and if there was ever anybody more fit to break Josh in and be his very first all-male fuck, it’s Travis! Do not let either of these people innocent attitude fool you– they are both horny and love sex and it reveals here.

I presume we’ll have a couple of members that do not make it past the early part of this video where Travis leans in to kiss Josh. Seeing Josh kiss another person for the very first time was hot enough, however they likewise make the act so damn charming in between the 2 of them in the method Josh is plainly worried about it, yet goes along, and Travis is ever his shy and peaceful self, while at the very same time certainly thinking about and having a good time with being the very first person to do all these things with Josh.

After the kissing and after Travis gradually undresses Josh and exposes increasingly more of his incredibly ripped body, he comes down to drawing on Josh’s dick and getting it as huge and as tough as we have actually long understood it can getting! It would not be any other method with Travis, as he sometimes stops briefly to make some amusing or charming remark while at the very same time completely caring what he’s getting to do.

Ultimately, it’s time for these 2 to fuck and we understand that handling a huge cock is something Travis is exceptionally proficient at. He’s got Josh totally heated up, rock hard, and all set and after that these people have another amusing, albeit fast, exchange once it comes time for Travis to reduce himself on to Josh’s cock– and you understand Travis might barely wait on that minute! Seeing Travis’ dick bounce up and down– totally tough and straining– while he trips Josh’ huge cock is a hot image for sure, however seeing Josh revealing a little bit of a smile and concerning the awareness that it feels respectable is likewise hot!

Travis is the best person to break somebody into topping, as he takes command and completely fucks himself on Josh’s cock. Josh does not need to do much however lay back and delight in the experiences, and he absolutely enjoys them! He can’t assist however sometimes look down to see what it is that’s making him feel so excellent.

Simply how excellent did Josh’s cock feel in Travis’ ass? Simply how terrific did Travis’ ass feel twisted around Josh’s thick dick? Well, when Josh gets Travis bent over and begins fucking him from behind, things started working their method to something we have actually never ever seen prior to in all the hundreds upon numerous videos shot here at CF. With all the numerous pairings and apparently unlimited variety of times people have actually gotten fucked here at CF, I ‘d believed I ‘d seen it all! However Josh and Travis had a surprise in shop for me– and experienced something that was completely unexpected for both of them, also!

While bent over the bed, getting drilled by Josh’s huge cock and groaning and groaning like wild, asking Josh to fuck him more difficult and blurting out “Oh my God!” over and over, Travis’ dick is is so completely rock tough and Josh’s cock is striking all the best areas that Travis winds up launching what might be the greatest load I have actually ever seen him shoot– hands complimentary and without touching himself!! I’m sorry however I can’t picture I’ll get to state this much and have actually never ever gotten to state it prior to so … Hands complimentary and without even touching himself !! He is entirely and completely on cloud 9 and appears like he might lose consciousness at any 2nd as he cums pails, his load spraying all over the location as Josh fucks it out of him.

Could you blame Josh for needing to fire off his own enormous load right away afterwards? In spite of being completely overloaded by what simply occurred, Travis still excitedly whips himself around to put his mouth in front of Josh’s cock the immediate Josh takes out and blasts his load into Travis’ mouth, down his throat, and throughout his face. We understand Josh can cum a lot and shoot far, and Travis could not have actually been better with that!

I can just envision simply how terrific that fuck felt for Travis, and what a big impression it should have made upon Josh to see that his actions and cock might do that to another person! Fortunately, I understand longer need to picture what it resembles to movie as we recorded CF’s very first hands complimentary cumshot!

Format: Windows Media
Period: 20: 05
Video: 960 x540, Windows Media Video 9, 1501 kbps
Audio: 62 kbps

Submit size: 231.3 MB

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