CF – ACM0300 – Straight Stud Fuck Fest 2 (2)

It’s been way too long considering that we had ourselves a Straight Stud Fuckfest, and with a stable of hot straight studs that weren’t fortunate sufficient to be in the very first one we shot with Lucas, Logan, Dirk and Cody, it was due time we had another! Choosing to put another fuckfest together wasn’t an issue; choosing which directly studs would remain in it was! There were simply a lot of CF studs to select from! Ultimately I limited the field of competitors to numerous young studs that I understood would produce a scorching fourgy – Cade, Dawson, Brent and Ryan. Believe me, the drooling kicked into overdrive when the list was prepared and I started envisioning what it ‘d appear like with many hot, muscled, ripped limbs stretched about every which method, such tight asses getting fucked and such overall hotties going at it in a sex totally free for all!

As a homage to our very first straight stud fuckfest, I likewise wished to have a number of that famous video’s individuals associated with this brand-new one. I got Lucas and Logan into town to pass the straight stud fuckfest flag onto the next crop of orgy men, so to speak, and assist their friends kick things off. All of us took control of a football field close by and, equipped with a number of cams, set the men loose on getting things going. Lucas and Logan had the fantastic concept of a football video game choosing who bottomed and who topped – the losers of the video game would take it up the butt, and the winners would get to do the topping honors. How’s that for high stakes?:-RRB-

With Cade and Dawson collaborated on one side and Ryan and Brent colleagues on the other, things were prepared to get rolling. The video game started, with Lucas playing quarterback and Logan keeping shop, and everybody had a blast. It was fantastic seeing the men have a good time, get some sun, sweat all over and go at it on the field. Cade, Dawson, Brent and Ryan are currently rather a competitive lot, and with the winners getting topping honors and the losers set to get drilled up the ass, things were that a lot more competitive and extreme. All the while, nevertheless, the men were likewise simply having a blast and lots of enjoyable. Even with the high stakes, everybody remained in an excellent state of mind and remarkably unwinded!

Well, ultimately Cade and Dawson beat Brent and Ryan and … now the genuine video game was on!! Cade and Dawson were the dominating heroes, set to declare their rewards! And from this point on, it’s sex sex sex! Loads of hot sex! If I attempted to provide a play by play of things at this moment I ‘d journey all over myself! A lot sucking and licking and kissing and rubbing and fingering and thrusting and pumping and groaning and groaning were going on that the cams practically overheated. What a remarkable sight – 4 remarkably hot, ripped, muscled studs going at it so hot and heavy! It was all so hot, in reality, that even Lucas could not withstand and snuck into the scene for a fast BJ! Cade has his method with Ryan’s tight hole, and Dawson offers it to Brent excellent and tough.

Amusing thing is, Ryan technically was on the losing group. However after all 3 of his Straight Stud Fuckfest 2 costars deviates on his hole (I think Brent got traded to the other group midseason!) and after that blows a huge hot load all over him, I can’t assist however believe he was the genuine winner here!

Undoubtedly, I believe we’re all genuine winners here, getting to enjoy these 4 (with unique visitor 5th!) studs go at it in our newest Straight Stud Fuck Fest!!!

Format: Windows Media
Period: 20: 51
Video: 640 x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1335 kbps
Audio: 125 kbps

Submit size: 221.1 MB

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