Cadinot – Sacre Professors (1983)

Easter1952 A provincial boarding house, populated by 6 university student captured there for different causes.

Cadinot provides with a really exhilarating subject which is pricey to him.

From the refectory to the bathing area by means of the cooking area, infirmary, sinks and the dorm rooms throughout siesta, Cadinot’s digital cam, moderate as a breeze, rolls up its shorts and exposes us deep space of specific student bonding that everybody understands and love … or desire we did!

Sincerity, inflammation and pervisity trouble the grownups round them: the garden enthusiast, the chef, the nurse and, perhaps as effectively, the Grasp.

Do you imagine living in a world of more youthful university student? Handle your self to this motion picture with out risk of corruption!

Format: mp4
Length: 58: 26
Video: 720 x576, MPG2, 4470 kbps
Audio: 250 kbps

Submit measurement: 2. absolutely no GB

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