Buster The Best Years

Release Year: 1984
Studio: MT Productions
Cast: Buster, Bill Baker, Tony Soares, Rydar Hanson, Jim Benson, Lee Roberts, Cal Whittier, Joe Craig, David Calvin
Genres: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Solo, Vintage

Variantions on a Theme of Blond Surfer. Including old and new footage with varying quality. A long look at this popular slender big dicked puppy star from the 80s. This video was released by both HIS and Jocks. It is short but packed with sex. Buster appears under two names here: Bill Baker, his first name given by Reynolds in a solo loop and Buster, the name that accidentally got switched later on in his career.
1. Bill Baker, Solo Man
Bill Baker solo
From an older film, Buster jerks himself off on a small round table while both his low balls, and the dildo up his ass, glistening with Vaseline from the jar next to him.
2.1. Buster and Bill pt 1
Bill Baker OrgMg, Buster ™ OgrMr
After sharing a reefer between the two of them on a plaid couch, Bill Baker fucks the face and ass of tattooed Buster on his deltoids. (Note that the Buster name was later accidentally switched because it wasn’t clear who was who in this loop.)
2.2. Buster and Bill pt 2
Buster ™ AtRg, Bill Baker AbRr
Horny and ready to go, Jason shoves his "LOVE MUSCLE" deep inside Jeff’s pleasure hole. Writhing and moaning, Jeff begs him to stop, but Jason won’t let up ’till he shoots his load. Jeff gives in and joins Jason as both whack their meat together.
3. Rydar Hanson Ab, Buster (80s) OrgAb, Jim Benson OrgAt
In a red car in a garage, Buster and Jim Benson (Bentley) 69 while Rydar Hansen screws Benson.
4. Buster (80s) OgAb, Lee Roberts OrAt
Buster gets his hole enlarged by a black dude in the same garage.
5. Buster (80s) OgAb, Tony Soares At, Joe Gere Or
A three way in a bathroom with Buster getting it from both ends.
6. Buster (80s) OrAt, Tony Soares At, Joe Craig Ab, Joe Gere At
In a bar, Buster dreams of an orgy there where he gets to screw the bartender.
7. Buster (80s) OrAtRg, David Calvin OgAbRr
Buster is contacted by an old lover, invites him to his beach house and gives him an unyielding fuck in his bed.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:09:51
Video: 512×384, Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V3, 1097kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 598.3 MB

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