What I Did For Sex

Muscles, Big Dicks and Cute College Boys !

In this college stud video, Andy (played by Andrew Blaze) walks us through a familiar story that we may all have shared in our college days. He has a hardon for his buddy Rod (played by tight-bodied Jeremy Justice), and in a misguided effort to prove his love for Rod he ruins his friendships all in the name of sex.

The failed effort involves paying Paul (a hot jock played by the Freshmen Magazine model Jerod Stevens) to let him hide in a closet and videotape him having sex with Glen (played by Nick Stone, aka Triton Rivers). Andy wants the tape to bribe Glen into throwing a wrestling match in favor of his buddy Rod.

The action begins with a locker room scene where all the guys are working out and getting ready for the match. Here you can see how hot the guys are; all these muscle bods together in one room create some pleasing eye candy!

Total size: 1.6 GB in 3 files.

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