BG East Wrestling – Braden Charron vs Tyrell Tomsen

Bodybuilder Battle with Trunks on the Line
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Bodybuilding is a sport, it has a season: regionals in spring, nationals in summer; fall is for resting and recuperating before bulking up in winter to begin again. Tyrell apparently missed that memo: it’s December and he’s jacked! Chiseled slabs tense and ripple in high relief as he flexes in a self-indulgent display that will thrill muscle marks and even entrances the cameraman, who can’t tear himself away as The Arena door opens and Tyrell’s opponent enters. "A posing session? I thought this was wrestling." It’s a case of role reversal: fan favorite Braden’s used to being the eye candy in the ring. He hasn’t amassed the best record since he joined BGE, but knowing that it’s his handsome face and pumped bod that puts asses in the proverbial seats even when he’s taking a massive beating has been an addicting ego-boost that keeps him coming back for more. Barefoot and bulging in a barely-there blue bikini, it’s obvious he intended to outshine his opponent in the way that matters most to so many, but Tyrell’s physique intimidates.

Taking sly advantage, Tyrell challenges the hunk to an arm wrestling match. Braden’s bicep bulges; Tyrell’s veins pop. Big guns lock in what seems to be an even match. Braden’s gorilla pressed multiple opponents in his career as proof of his power, but he’s in over his head, literally: Tyrell is four inches taller and won’t be denied. Humbled, already hurting, Braden blows it off . And when increasingly cocky Tyrell raises the stakes, challenging him to a ring match with the caveat, "If I win, I take your trunks," Braden’s not about to fall for what’s obviously a set up designed to leave him bruised, broken and bare-assed to boot. He turns to leave, not caring if rejecting a direct challenge costs him a paycheck or even his BGE career. But Tyrell has plans of his own: a soaring axe-handle to the back brings Braden’s attempted exit to an abrupt end. And when Tyrell tosses him in the ring and lays into him with boot after boot, Braden’s in for the fight of his life with his pride on the line.
Quivering and crawling, Braden’s barefoot vulnerability emphasizes why he’s a target for an onslaught of hard-asses and wannabe heels of every stripe, size and shape. "Get up!" Tyrell barks, hungry to dish out more. His once unblemished back already red with welts from the rough rubber of Tyrell’s boots, Braden doesn’t dare disobey. A back bashing on the turnbuckles and a slingshot across the ring for a double-handed sledghammer to the chest are undeniably debilitating. Tyrell happily takes advantage, deliberately muscling Braden around the ring and targeting his big chest with repeated claws. But when Tyrell gets dirty, suddenly slapping a heavy-handed clawhold on Braden’s balls, it backfires big time. Braden retaliates with a low blow of his own that has the over-confident heel writhing on the mat! Scoop slams are always effective, but Tyrell’s bruised orbs bumping Braden’s biceps amplify the impact. A torture rack adds to the back abuse, and Tyrell’s emphatic "I quit!" pushes Braden into rare aggression as he takes Tyrell’s trunks, leaving the bigger man nearly naked in a yellow thong. "Looks like you’re going to owe me another pair," Braden promises, his pride restored before dishing out a retaliatory series of stomps. As Tyrell grovels on the mat after one of Braden’s patented bearhugs, his bronzed glutes solid and round, his barely-contained basket heavy and swaying between his muscular thighs, it’s almost possible to forget that he’s the guy who set the whole match in motion with that long ago attack from behind. Another bearhug and it’s gut check time: Tyrell nearly fades, but a hard knee to the balls is a game changer. And when Tyrell retaliates with running banzai drops, jumping and landing on that big chest butt-first until Braden moans "Oh God! " in ragged gasps, his game plan is back on track. A crucifix hangman leaves Braden drained and limp. Tyrell claims his prize, pawing at Braden’s posers while he screams, "No, no, no!" Braden’s nude adventures outside of BGE are well documented, but they’ve always been on his terms. Being forcibly rip ‘n stripped head-to-toe naked is different matter, especially when Tyrell sheds his own trunks to pose naked save over Braden’s face. But Tyrell’s not done yet. He’s figured out Heel Rule Number One: If you want to be a BGE star, there’s no faster way to the top than humiliating a fan favorite! And Braden’s naked body is his ticket. Swinging full nelsons, bodyblows, ab stretches and claws end in an extended KO. Braden will never be the same.

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