Antonio da Silva Records – Doggers

At a public parking lot a covert electronic camera records sexual interactions in between males. Cars and trucks can be seen parked or gradually walking around with motorists prepared to sexually engage with others.

This is a sanctuary for males with variety of age, physical characteristics, marital and social status. These males take a break from their lives and implement a few of their inner desires and dreams.

This location is no longer readily available for travelling however throughout its splendor days it utilized to be among the busiest travelling locations situated at the Jamor National Arena near Lisbon, Portugal. The park was never ever empty and activities continued from early morning to night hours.

What is “Dogging”?
Dogging (coming kind British slang) is when individuals satisfy up in parking area and enjoy each other havingsex A comparable habits seen in pet dogs. In some cases individuals participate in however it is generally about viewing and getting off on it.

This documentary brief movie was made in partnership with Miguel Arroja who had actually been catching action on electronic camera because2001 After he saw my work he wished to share his valuable video with me. I was impressed with the activities at the location. I went there in 2013 to experience it myself and do more shooting.

Format: mp4
Period: 16: 33
Video: 640 x360, AVC (H.264), 729 kbps
Audio: 109 kbps

Submit size: 102.1 MB

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