AMG The Dream Production system Vol 2 Revisited – Avery Heath, Billy Hawkins, Jim Paris

Introduce Year: 1992
Created: Avery Heath, Billy Hawkins, Bob Miller, Bob Mizer, Craig Lancourt, Dino Ferzanno, Jeff Hubbard, Jim Halverson, Jim Horn, Jim Paris, John Lamont, Johnny Virgin, Robert Miller, Steve Malis, Tom Woods
Categories: Standard, Fetish, Muscle groups, Collection, Fumbling
Video language: English

AMG Revisited is a 2nd journey once again to the sentimental 1950 s to the idealized world of AMG. Bronzed more youthful males in small G-strings (with periodic complete nudity) act out morality carries out through which proficient at perpetuity triumphes over evil. Return with our host, Steve Malis, to a “” kinder, gentler”” duration of erotica

Format: mp4
Duration: 54: 42
Video: 640 x480, MP4V, 2337 kbps
Audio: 187 kbps

Submit measurement: 1. absolutely no GB

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